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Version: 3.0

Update Date: 23 February 2023

DOI: 10.26193/W3U2S3

The 2022 AES is the thirteenth in a series of surveys beginning in 1987, timed to coincide with Australian Federal elections. The series builds on the 1967, 1969, and 1979 Australian Political Attitudes Surveys. The AES aims to provide a long-term perspective on the political attitudes and behaviours of Australians and investigate the changing social bases of Australian politics as the economy and society modernise and change character. In addition to these long-term goals, the AES examines the specific political issues prevalent in the 2022 Federal election and assesses their importance in determining the election result. The 2022 AES is the fifth in the series to provide the option of completing the survey via hardcopy or online. Address-based sampling continues to be used to recruit members of the Australian public to participate in a sequential mixed-mode survey (push-to-web followed by hard copy completion).The 2022 AES is the latest in a long-term series of studies of Australian politics and elections. Itexamines important issues such as changing support for political parties, the role of the party leadersand the importance of political issues like the economy and the environment.

User Notice: Please contact ADA to request access to the restricted postcode and demographic variables.