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Version: 3.0

Update Date: 5 May 2020

DOI: 10.26193/XHORAI

This poll is the 27th in an ongoing series of polls being undertaken by the Social Research Centre for the ANU. Their purpose is to assess Australians’ opinions on important and topical issues, with an emphasis on international comparisons. These polls are typically conducted three times a year, or about every four months. Some questions appear in every poll in order to provide information about changes in opinion over time; the majority of questions appear in one poll only. This research is used to inform public debate and policy about issues affecting Australia.

The aim of this specific survey was to improve our understanding of the Australian public’s attitudes towards data governance in Australia, including how government data should be used; perceptions of current government capability; the level of concern individuals have about specific data breaches and misuse; and trust in particular types of organisations. Demographic and background variables include gender, age, country of birth and citizenship