National Drug Strategy Household Survey

The National Drug Strategy Household Survey series examines current awareness of attitudes and behaviours toward drugs and drug problems within the Australian community, focussing on respondents personal attitudes toward drugs, knowledge of drugs and drug histories.

There are now ten studies in the series of national household surveys, focussing on drugs and drug behaviour. This includes the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Social Issues in Australia surveys (1985 -1993) and the National Drug Strategy Household Surveys (1995 – 2016). The data collection for the most recent six studies has been conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).


YearADA IDDOIStudy documentation
19950086210.4225/87/GF5LNYDataverse Catalogue
19980101610.4225/87/XJE0KQDataverse Catalogue
20010105010.4225/87/DZIPIJDataverse Catalogue
20040108210.4225/87/M3IFO8Dataverse Catalogue
200701139 10.4225/87/T7FITHDataverse Catalogue
20100123710.4225/87/VTUV4CDataverse Catalogue
20130127410.4225/87/USGEQSDataverse Catalogue
20160138910.4225/87/JUDY2YDataverse Catalogue