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Pubilication Date: 14 July 2020

DOI: 10.26193/R2BRKW

Making Futures is a qualitative study of young people’s journeys through the senior years of secondary schooling and into the world beyond. It explores how young people navigate their educational, social and familial worlds, and imagine and work toward their futures. The project seeks to gain insights into perceptions of gender relations and perspectives on diverse forms of social issues and differences. It takes a cross-generational and comparative approach: comparing these young people’s perspectives with their parents’ recollections of their own educational experiences, as well as with those of an earlier generation in a similar study. This data set comprises interview transcripts and project materials. It includes semi-structured life history interviews with senior secondary students and their parents/guardians conducted in 2015-2018. Other data files include project materials such as blank consent forms, blank plain language statements and interview questions, as well as pdfs from the projects website – Seventy interviews from twenty students and nine parents/guardians were recorded and transcribed. Of these interviews, consent for archiving was given for fifty-four interviews from fourteen students and eight parents/guardians.