Lowy Institute Poll (2005 – Present)

The annual Lowy Institute Poll is a series of surveys on Australian public opinion and international policy and is a leading tracking survey on Australian foreign policy, providing a reliable vehicle for understanding Australian attitudes towards a wide range of foreign policy issues, while being independent and methodologically rigorous. The annual Lowy Institute Poll provides an independent, rigorous, reliable basis for understanding Australian attitudes to the world.

Since the first Lowy Institute Poll in 2005, the annual Poll has identified significant shifts in public sentiment, and has provoked vigorous debate on issues such as Australia’s relationships with China and the United States, foreign investment and climate change. Over the course of the past decade the Poll has uncovered significant shifts in public sentiment, including towards our most important neighbours and partners. A number of the questions in the Poll are asked in each poll, or have been adapted from questions in previous polls which allows for comparison over time. It has tracked attitudes on contentious international issues ranging from climate change to war in the Middle East.

The Lowy Institute Polls are available through the ADA’s Lowy Poll Institute Dataverse.