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Version: 3.0

Update Date: 17 July 2020

DOI: 10.4225/87/YKOFAL

In 1995 a nationally representative sample of about 13,000 Year 9 students was selected to form the first cohort of the LSAY program (LSAY Y95). Reading and numeracy tests were administered to students to provide information on school achievement. Students also completed a background questionnaire about their educational and vocational plans and attitudes to school. In 1996, these students provided information in response to a mailed questionnaire. Information was also obtained from their schools about curricula and school organisation. In 1997, members of the sample were contacted in the first of the annual telephone interviews. The questionnaire included questions on school, transitions from school, post-school education and training, work, job history, job search activity, health, living arrangements, finance, and general attitudes. Subsequent surveys asked similar questions but with the emphasis changing from school to post-school education, training and work. The final wave of interviewing (wave 12) took place in 2006 when respondents were, on average, 25 years of age.