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Pubilication Date: 3 December 2019

DOI: 10.26193/XHAVVV

The 2002-03 questionnaire was eight pages in length and comprised 37 questions about farm crime, crime prevention strategies as well as socio-demographic details about the farm and about crime prevention measures employed by farmers. The questions specifically focused on: Whether the farm had experienced crime in 2002-03 ; How many incidents of crime had occurred in 2002-03 period; When and where the crime occurred and who was thought to have been responsible for the crime; Whether the crime was reported to police and if not reported, why not; Crime prevention – security measures employed on the farm (as well as insurance coverage), and what sources the farmer uses to obtain crime prevention information; and Demographic characteristics of the farm (such as postcode, topography, age, gender, farm size,and income etc). Data are weighted to ABS standards.