Australian Election Study

The Australian Election Study aims to provide a long-term perspective on stability and change in the political attitudes and behaviour of the Australian electorate, and investigate the changing social bases of Australian politics as the economy and society modernise and change character. In addition to these long-term goals they examine the political issues prevalent in the election and assess their importance for the election result. The studies have been running as a series of surveys beginning in 1987 that have been timed to coincide with Australian Federal elections. The series also builds on the 1967, 1969 and 1979 Australian Political Attitudes Surveys.

The Australian Election Study survey is directed by Professor Ian McAllister (Australian National University), Dr Jill Sheppard (Australian National University), Professor Clive Bean (Queensland University of Technology) and Professor Rachel Gibson (University of Leicester).

AES data holdings

The AES data is available through the Australian Data Archive’s Dataverse platform:

Additional information and resources are available through the official Australian Election Study website: