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Pubilication Date: 4 December 2022

DOI: 10.26193/W3U2S3

The 2022 Australian Election Study is thirteenth in a series of surveys. It covers the respondent’s interest in the election campaign and politics, their past and present political affiliation, evaluation of parties and candidates, alignment with parties on various election issues, evaluation of the current economic situation, and attitudes to a range of election issues including global warming, taxation, education, unemployment, health and Medicare, refugees and asylum seekers, and population policy. Opinions on policy issues including pill testing, equal opportunities, and recognition of Indigenous Australians in the Constitution were also covered in the 2022 Australian Election Study. Background variables include level of education, employment status, occupation, type of employer, position at workplace, trade union membership, sex, age, own and parents’ country of birth, parents’ political preferences, religion, marital status, income, and where applicable, the occupation, trade union membership and political preference of the respondent’s partner. The 2022 Australian Election Study is the second in the AES series to include a panel component.

User Notice: Please contact ADA to request access to the restricted postcode and demographic variables. And the technique report comming out soon.