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Pubilication Date: 17 April 2023

DOI: 10.26193/HPA0BY

The excel file contains the excel tables underlying the charts contained in the report Trends in Australian Political Opinion: Results from the Australian Election Study 1987-2022 (Cameron and McAllister 2022, available at It also breaks down these trends by gender, age group, education level, and vote in the House of Representatives, as presented graphically in the Australian Election Study (AES) interactive charts, available on the AES website: The AES data comes from representative post-election public opinion surveys, fielded after each election since 1987. The tables herein can be used to produce descriptive graphs on Australian politics, without the need to conduct analyses separately on the AES data files for individual years. Tables for over 100 items are included, selected where there is time series data from the AES spanning at least three elections. The tables are grouped into eleven themes, including: 1) The election campaign; 2) Voting and partisanship; 3) Election issues; 4) The economy; 5) Politics and political parties; 6) The left-right dimension; 7) The political leaders; 8) Democracy and institutions; 9) Trade unions, business and wealth; 10) Social issues; and 11) Defence and foreign affairs.